Training Sign-up

  • Please select the training class(es) you would like to attend. Please note, this does not guarantee your space. You will be contacted to confirm your reservation. In order to attend the Fujitsu EDTT class, you must have completed the 101 Tech course.
  • If attending more than 1 class, please specify. For the Fujitsu Hands-On EDTT Class - limit 2 people per customer. You may sign up additional staff, a wait list is available.
  • Disclaimer

    By submitting this form, you acknowledge that Schmidt's Wholesale, Inc. will be debiting your account for the amount listed above per person. Training charges are non-refundable. For COD accounts, amount must be paid in full prior to the class in order to attend. Eligibility is dependent on account status. Schmidt's Wholesale, Inc. reserves the right to add, change or remove items in their promotions and training's without notice. Other restrictions may apply.